Part 2 - Questions 11 - 20

Questions 11-15
Choose the correct letter, AB or C.
11. Dartfield House school used to be

12. What is planned with regard to the lower school?

13. The catering has been changed because of

14. Parents are asked to

15. What does the speaker say about the existing canteen?

Questions 16-18

What comment does the speaker make about each of the following serving points in the Food Hall?
Choose THREE answers from the box and write the correct letter, AD, next to Questions 16-18.


A    pupils help to plan menus
B    only vegetarian food
C    different food every week
D   daily change in menu

Food available at serving points in Food Hall
16    World Adventures (1)
17    Street Life (2)
18    Speedy Italian (3)

Questions 19 and 20

Choose TWO letters, AE.
Which TWO optional after-school lessons are new?