Part 3 - Questions 21 - 30

Choose the correct letter, A, B or C.
Work experience for veterinary science students

Work experience for veterinary science students

21. What problem did both Diana and Tim have when arranging their work experience?

22. Tim was pleased to be able to help

23. Diana says the sheep on her farm

24. What did the students learn about adding supplements to chicken feed?

25. What happened when Diana was working with dairy cows?

26. What did both farmers mention about vets and farming?

Questions 27–30

What opinion do the students give about each of the following modules on their veterinary science course?
Choose FOUR answers from the box and write the correct letter, AF, next to questions 27–30.
A    Tim found this easier than expected.
B    Tim thought this was not very clearly organised.
C    Diana may do some further study on this.
D    They both found the reading required for this was difficult.
E    Tim was shocked at something he learned on this module.
F    They were both surprised how little is known about some aspects of this.

Modules on Veterinary Science course
    Medical terminology (1)
28   Diet and nutrition (2) 
29   Animal disease (3)
30   Wildlife medication (4)