Part 4

Complete the notes below.
Write ONE WORD ONLY for each answer



• a winding spiral path leading to a central area

Labyrinths compared with mazes

• Mazes are a type of 31
− 32 is needed to navigate through a maze
− the word ‘maze’ is derived from a word meaning a feeling of 33
• Labyrinths represent a journey through life
− they have frequently been used in 34 and prayer

Early examples of the labyrinth spiral

• Ancient carvings on 35 have been found across many cultures
• The Pima, a Native American tribe, wove the symbol on baskets
• Ancient Greeks used the symbol on 36

Walking labyrinths

• The largest surviving example of a turf labyrinth once had a big 37 at its centre

Labyrinths nowadays

• Believed to have a beneficial impact on mental and physical health, e.g., walking a maze can reduce a person’s 38 rate
• Used in medical and health and fitness settings and also prisons
• Popular with patients, visitors and staff in hospitals
− patients who can’t walk can use ‘finger labyrinths’ made from 39
− research has shown that Alzheimer’s sufferers experience less 40