Part 3 - Questions 21 - 30

Questions 21–22
Choose TWO letters, A–E.
Which TWO points do Thomas and Jeanne make about Thomas’s sporting activities at school?

Questions 23 and 24

Choose TWO letters, A–E.
Which TWO feelings did Thomas experience when he was in Kenya?

Questions 25–30

What comment do the students make about the development of each of the following items of sporting equipment?
Choose SIX answers from the box and write the correct letter, A–H, next to Questions 25–30.

Comments about the development of the equipment

A    It could cause excessive sweating.
B    The material was being mass produced for another purpose.
C    People often needed to make their own.
D    It often had to be replaced.
E    The material was expensive.
   It was unpopular among spectators.
G    It caused injuries.
H    No one using it liked it at first.

Items of sporting equipment
25    the table tennis bat
26    the cricket helmet
27    the cycle helmet
28    the golf club
29    the hockey stick
30    the football