Part 4 - Questions 31 - 40

Complete the notes below.
Write ONE WORD ONLY for each answer.

Maple syrup

What is maple syrup?

• made from the sap of the maple tree
• colour described as 31
• added to food or used in cooking
• very 32  compared to refined sugar

The maple tree

• has many species
• needs sunny days and cool nights
• maple leaf has been on the Canadian flag since 1964
• needs moist soil but does not need fertiliser as well
• best growing conditions and 33  are in Canada and North America

Early maple sugar producers

• made holes in the tree trunks
• used hot 34  to heat the sap
• used tree bark to make containers for collection
• sweetened food and drink with sugar

Today’s maple syrup

The trees
• Tree trunks may not have the correct 35  until they have been growing for 40 years.
• The changing temperature and movement of water within the tree produces the sap.

The production
• A tap is drilled into the trunk and a 36  carries the sap into a bucket.
• Large pans of sap called evaporators are heated by means of a 37
• A lot of 38  is produced during the evaporation process.
• ‘Sugar sand’ is removed because it makes the syrup look 39  and affects the taste.
• The syrup is ready for use.
• A huge quantity of sap is needed to make a 40  of maple syrup